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ChatGPT sample code generation dialog

ChatGPT for Agile Software Development

Tools like ChatGPT might be the next boost in agile software development – if certain rules are being considered.

We Agile Developers Lost Our Customers

It’s convenient to think our own requirements. 4 Misconception about customers of agile developers.

Are Machine Learning Systems too Biased for Agile Teams?

AI in Agile recruiting – are they compatible? What does really matter in agile teams and how to find new team members.

How Can You Increase Trust In a Remote Setting

A recent article in the Harvard Business Review backed with some numbers that “Thirty-eight percent of managers agreed that remote workers usually perform worse than those who work in an office, with “ an additional “22% being unsure”.

Does Surveillance Increase Remote Employee Productivity?

Employee surveillance is on the rise, as the BBC reported. The article noted, that “More than half of companies with over $750m (£574m) in annual revenue used ‘non-traditional’ monitoring techniques on staff…”

3 Things To Keep in Mind When Working Remotely as a Team

How many so-called online teams are just a bunch of individuals, each of them working individually on his own tasks? In your opinion, which are the three most important things, when successfully working together online?

Working Successfully in Virtual Teams

Non-team-players are better at virtual work. Do you agree with this statement? Are virtual workers rather introverts, avoiding contact with other people? If this is true, can virtual teams ever be successful?

Trade-Offs in Virtual Teams

Raise your hand, if you never worked in a virtual team!  Which one is your category? This blog post summarizes research on virtual teams in Pre-Corona-Times.