Virtual Team Training Recipe Book -CRP

CHF 27,86 inkl. MwSt (CH)


A precious collection of practical recipes to facilitate the communication in distributed teams.

You are purchasing access to a CRP – Crowd Review Project. The eBook is being written and you will get access to the text and the opportunity to comment on it before it is published.


A book project usually takes two years or more. During this time, the authors work intensively on their project. They structure their knowledge, develop images and tables, and formulate a text that is as easy to read as possible. And during this time, readers have to wait for the book. Often, they don’t even know that the book is being written.
In a CRP, authors at Tirsus Online make their work available to the interested public at a very early stage. Since it is work-in-progress, much of it is not yet fully formulated and, in particular, not proofread or reviewed.
CRP stands for Crowd Review Project – anyone who gets early access to the emerging text is welcome to comment on it. This will reveal typos as well as bumpy sentences or incomprehensible lines of argumentation – in return, you will get access to the authors’ knowledge even before the book is published.


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