Virtual Team Training

Virtual Team Training

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For many weeks now, many of us have been working in our home offices. Established teams have transferred their communication to virtual space. But the world continues to turn. Team compositions change, proven structures break down. Time for an online team training.


Trainings for Teams

We also conduct the training for existing teams. For this purpose, we use the same cloud platform. In the training, we can specifically address the needs of the team. Contact us using the form below.

Learning Targets

  • You develop a deeper understanding of the challenges of working in virtual and distributed teams.
  • You will work with your team colleagues to improve their ability to successfully complete collaborative tasks despite local distribution.
    Using concrete tasks, you’ll consider the usefulness and trade-offs of virtual collaboration tools.
  • You will learn to establish policies, ground rules, and a team culture that support virtual teamwork and effective distributed decision making.

Target Audience

  • Online teams, virtual teams that want to build or improve their communication skills.
  • Project teams that are forced to collaborate effectively across distributed locations.
  • Interested individuals will be divided into teams during the training.

Your Coaches

Jiri Lundak has extensive experience in training agile teams. Ursula Deriu has many years of experience in online training and e-learning.

Jiri Lundak has extensive experience in training agile teams.

Ursula Deriu has been conducting online training and e-learning for many years.

Form and duration

  • Online training: Moderated group work with team simulation.
  • Synchronous (time-bound) and asynchronous work assignments.
  • The online training takes place on a closed cloud platform.
  • The training lasts two days.

What does parachute formation jumping have to do with online collaboration?

More than you would expect at first glance:

  • The team members are highly concentrated on their work.
  • Everyone is proficient in his or her area of expertise.
  • Communication within the team is difficult.
  • Everyone is on their own, and yet the collaboration must function smoothly.
  • Everyone has to master the technical possibilities.
  • The work only succeeds with good planning and good coordination.

The Corona crisis is also accelerating digitization, especially in online collaboration. Overnight, many of us had to become experts in handling digital communication options. This has worked surprisingly well in many places, so that considerations are being made to establish these new forms of collaboration more intensively or even permanently.

As a result, many hurdles in collaboration are transferring from the office world to the digital space.

Classic team training is also shifting into the digital space. Virtual Team Training is one of the first digital team trainings.


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