Working in Virtual Teams

Working in Online Teams

This blogs investigates the challenges online teams are meeting in their daily life.

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KI im agilen Recruiting

Am 9.9.2021 fand das Event “KI im agilen Recruiting – ein Realitätscheck” der Fachgruppe Lean, Agile and Scrum der swissICT statt. Prof. Dr. Ana Fernandes (BFH) eröffnete die Vortragsrunde und präsentierte die Ergebnisse ihrer Forschung in ihrem Vortrag “Conscious and Unconscious Discrimination in Hiring: Fertility, Gender and Ethnicity Bias“. Ihre Untersuchungen zeigen, dass Frauen, bei denen […]

How can you increase trust in a remote work setting?

Sure there is a good deal what managers can do to increase trust in a remote setting. It is easy to point fingers and say that they should first trust their employees and then good things will follow. Unfortunately reality does not work this way. The distrust is omnipresent and we must cope with it.

Does Surveillance Increase Remote Employee Productivity?

Employee surveillance is on the rise, as the BBC reported. The article noted, that “More than half of companies with over $750m (£574m) in annual revenue used ‘non-traditional’ monitoring techniques on staff…” in 2018 and further it states: “These include tools to analyse emails, conversations, computer usage, and employee movements around the office. Some firms […]

3 Things to Keep in Mind When Working Remotely As a Team

How many so-called online teams are just a bunch of individuals, each of them working individually on his own tasks? In your opinion, which are the three most important things, when successfully working together online?

Working Successfully in Virtual Teams

Let us explore different aspects on what it means to work successfully in a virtual team and understand why trust is so important.

Trade-Offs in Virtual Teams

Trade-Offs in Virtual Teams Raise your hand, if you never worked in a virtual team! Which one is your category? Decided hand raising – you never worked in a virtual team. Hesitating? Is my team a virtual team? No hand raising – you already worked in a virtual team. Let us first define the term […]